2018 Artist in Residence

Sheltered Turtle

The 2018 Artist in Residence project will explore the connection between music, sound, mathematics, and art. Korean-American artist Henry Nam is partnering with the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Math and Stat Department to develop and interpret a percussive instrumental guitar composition, in turn collaborating with the the sound and media arts students of the Kansas City Art Institute.

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Henry Nam | Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Acrobatics

Henry Nam is a percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar solo act following in the footsteps of Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Don Ross, and Preston Reed. Born on a US military base in the Republic of Korea, raised in San Francisco, Germany, Maryland, and Philadelphia and currently based in Washington DC, musician and autodidact Henry Nam is the product of an international, multicultural upbringing that manifests not only in his diverse musical styling but also in his attitudes about the role of the arts as a universal language able to help people of all backgrounds build meaningful connection and communicate constructively.

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